Drain the Swamp

Swamps are a living thing.  They are full of beauty but also full of dangers.  The things that live in the swamp have to be hearty they are survivors no matter how vile they might be.

As we all see and know, Washington D.C. is a Swamp.  The trouble is we sent those denizens there.  They have adapted to suck the life blood out of our culture.  President Trump recognized that and we sent him there to drain that mess.

The Swamp doesn’t want to be drained, it fights back.  One of its most potent protections is Swamp Gas.

Created by the rotting decaying inhabitants, Swamp Gas poison.  Just listen to any of the Never Trumpers (both Democrats and Republicans) as they appear on TV.  They are all full of it.  Liberals, Democrats, Progressive’s Socialist (whatever you want call them) so called News Reporters as their enablers they are addicted to their Golden Goose liar. Listen to President Biden talk.

It’s so frustrating to listen to the illogical defense of illegal aliens, the diffused answers to direct questions, the practice of blaming President Trump and attributing the most despicable reasons to him for everything. At the same time portraying President Biden as our savior.

Yet look what Donald Trump accomplished for us.  It’s remarkable.


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