Politics in America

Politics in America have been corrupted.  The founders all sacrificed their personal well being for the good of all of us.

Virtually all the members of Congress today have increased their net worth during their tenure.

Every Member of Congress pays a tribute to the leadership of their various party affiliations.  None of them complain about it publicly for fear of retribution. By their silence the practice continues.  Its corruption and they all participate.  Is it any wonder nothing clean comes from them?

Frustration over the endless and mindless misrepresentations in “Media” drove me to try this blog.  I looked at Twitter but had to allow them to monitor everything I did on the internet.  It’s the same with Face Book.  Both would probably censor my thought anyway.  Google may well be doing it too but I never agreed to let that happen.

I am a conservative.  I have been since I was a teenager.  I believe in Small Government, Lower Taxes, a Balanced Budget and More Freedom. I have been a wage earner all my life had a loving functional family that is still strong.  We have all been wage earners never having anything given to us without working for it.  After my retirement from Law Enforcement in 1998 I have operated 3 small service businesses.

I will post my thoughts here.  I will not participate in or allow personal attacks.  I will do my best to speak about process, function and events obliquely in a way you’ll know what I mean.


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