Lies and their affect

Life tells us when something is wrong, we ignore that at our peril.  We need to watch it every minute.

As an example, we have two new puppies in our family. A bloodhound and a Creamy Golden Retriever.  Both high energy with no adult dog to keep them in line.  My daughter brings them to my house to have them influenced by my 14-year-old Germain Shorthaired Pointer.  He could care less about their antics and remains calm no matter how the pups pester him.

But, one of those young rascals snuck behind the furniture and left me a present.  While I couldn’t see it, I knew it was there.  The pup just acted normally, and it took me two days to find it.  By then it was hard and dry.

That’s what our Government is doing to us.  Laying time bombs that we are not recognizing or worse, ignoring.

I’m in the mode of asking us all to think and use our common sense about what we see going on with our Government.

We all know Government does not create anything tangible, just rules and restrictions.  Now the Government is sewing distrust. 

Why?  Who benefits?

And the lies.  Why lie?  Because we let them?  Or because they know we will let them?

We can see the issue on our TV screens, but some of the people responsible for holding power in check ignore it.  Eventually all this false narrative will catch u with us and it will be hard and dry.

Get involved, let them know we’re fed up.


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