Who Can you Trust


As I watch things develop, I have this overwhelming dread that politicians will soon have complete control my life.  Since Government produces nothing but restrictions and those that run the Government grease the way with their friends to our harm, things are not looking good.

There are plenty of people warning us, yet we elected a cognitive challenged and the most obvious example of public corruption for lifelong politician as President.  A man that has never operated a business and has done the bidding of a political party for his and their benefit without regard to the harm he has pushed on America.  On our daily lives.

My simple position is as I first wrote.  All our political processes are corrupt.  The unelected Government employees (the Deep State) run the country and are intractable and untouchable.

I hope to get us thinking about what we see and use our common sense to get us the population back in control.

Just think about what you see and hear.

Do you believe everything Donald Trump did was bad?  And everything Joe Biden is good?  The you not thinking, you are drinking the Kool Aide.  And that is fatal, just ask Jim Jones followers.  Oh, right, they’re all dead.

Who bans books?  Just think about it.

Who restricts free speech?  Why?

All I ask is you think and use you’re sense of right and wrong. 


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