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  • Who Can you Trust

    THINK ABOUT IT As I watch things develop, I have this overwhelming dread that politicians will soon have complete control my life.  Since Government produces nothing but restrictions and those that run the Government grease the way with their friends to our harm, things are not looking good. There are plenty of people warning us, […]

  • Lies and their affect

    Life tells us when something is wrong, we ignore that at our peril.  We need to watch it every minute. As an example, we have two new puppies in our family. A bloodhound and a Creamy Golden Retriever.  Both high energy with no adult dog to keep them in line.  My daughter brings them to […]

  • Politics in America

    Politics in America have been corrupted.  The founders all sacrificed their personal well being for the good of all of us. Virtually all the members of Congress today have increased their net worth during their tenure. Every Member of Congress pays a tribute to the leadership of their various party affiliations.  None of them complain […]

  • Drain the Swamp

    Swamps are a living thing.  They are full of beauty but also full of dangers.  The things that live in the swamp have to be hearty they are survivors no matter how vile they might be. As we all see and know, Washington D.C. is a Swamp.  The trouble is we sent those denizens there.  […]